Friday, July 31, 2009

KulimeLA LIVE: Gratitude

For the past 3 days, it seems as though every single minute of my day is engaged in either service, some kirtan, or planned rest. KulimeLA is pretty insane. It's hard to find time to check my mail, what to speak of write a blog post. I hope to write a little more when I return home.

What I CAN say now is that when Gopisvari (my godsister) and I got to save a plate of prasadam for Radhanath Swami yesterday and personally deliver it to his room was the perfection of my service here at the KulimeLA.

I attended a seminar today by a very powerful businessman, and the most powerful effect he had on me was his devotion to Srila Prabhupad, to his spiritual master. When he speaks about Srila Prabhupad, his voice chokes up, every time. He lives his life by Srila Prabhupad. I can see that their relationship is rich and deep, built over many years of love and dedication. And the fact that Srila Prabhupad has been physically gone from this planet for most of their relationship has only strengthened it and made it more beautiful. I believe spiritual relationships are like that - they are eternal, unconditional, and ever-increasing in love.

I hope to live with that kind of dedication one day to my own spiritual master, Radhanath Swami, and to my eternal savior, Srila Prabhupad.

I also felt this deep surge to thank my dear parents, Brihan dasi and Mahesh das, for raising me in Krishna Consciousness. They have given me the most priceless gift in the universe, and so freely. I realized yesterday that I don't ever remember learning the maha mantra. The holy name is in my blood; I was listening to it in the womb. And my mother and father were the ones to give me the holy name. They are my original gurus.

I hope to write something a bit more over the course of this festival, but I realize it's a little out of my hands.

Thank you for reading. You are all a great inspiration to me.

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Radha Prema Bhakti said...

Thank you so much for sharing this. I also cannot remember learning the maha mantra and that is something I have never thought about.

Your blog is very sweet and obviously straight from the heart. My ego often gets in the way of sharing such intense personal experiences. I admire you greatly for this.

Again, thank you.

To write is to dare the soul. So write.