Thursday, November 20, 2008

Gurukuli Blood

I have never acknowledged so fully my gurukuli blood than being here in India. Discussion over class, kirtan over japa any day. And I'll just leave if I'm not inspired.

So it's a huge sign for me that Radhanath Swami is my guru - my spiritual guide - when I can actually sit in his class and lose track of time.

The first day of Vrindavan Yatra, he gave a 4.5 hour-long class. Pretty standard for India. But for me, I have never sat through any class in my life for more than 2 hours, so for that first class I started getting dizzy at around 3 hours... and Radhanath Swami is my guru. But I didn't leave because I was in the center of a crowd of around 4,000.

So the following evening, I had a fully planned escape route - I sat near the exit so as not to cause a stir when I left out of non-absorption.

But I amaze myself. Or rather, Radhanath Swami amazes me. He spoke for nearly FOUR HOURS... and I was entranced the entire time. If he can get me to not only sit through a class but be attentive and inspired for four hours... that's a minor miracle. I thought for sure I would leave early out of restlessness or brain-saturation - that's just how I am.

But somehow he entranced me and thousands of others, and yet I also felt as though the two of us were the only ones present, and we were having an intimate conversation. Then every once and awhile, thousands of arms would reach for the sky. Tumultuous voices that rolled through the air like thunder would cry out the holy name... and I would know then that I was not alone.

In my humble opinion, Radhanath Swami is the certified master of hari katha.

To write is to dare the soul. So write.