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Alachua is the largest community of Vaishnavas in the world outside of India.

This most sacred village to Vaishnavas is located in north-central India. But ultimately, Vrindavan has no geography; it is a place of the heart. 

For me, this country is synonymous with adventure. 

I used to live here, and my parents still do; every so often I visit paradise.  

Srila Prabhupad
The inspiration of my life.

Radhanath Swami

Memories and realizations of my spiritual master.

Insights into the world of growing up as a devotee of Krishna.

My trials and joys on my personal path of chanting the holy name.

The bliss of chanting the holy name amongst other devotees of the Lord.

Kulimela is an international festival to share talent and inspiration amongst the second generation devotees of Krishna in the West.

Many of these posts report live from the festivals in Belgium and Los Angeles.


Contemplations on the meaning of life thrown into contrast of our final moments in this world.

Bus Tours

Since 1996, Manu Prabhu and Jaya Radhe dasi have been inspiring youth from around the world to participate in summer and winter Bus Tours, which tour across all of North and Central America. Join in on the ride.

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