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My journals, dating back to 1998

"What you thought to draw lifts off the paper, as what you love slips from your heart." 
- Rumi

I began to keep a journal when I was eleven years old. 19 years later, over 100 journals line my bookshelves, and the number grows by the month. My journals are the mirror of my soul; I see things in my writing I could have never seen on my own.

In a step of evolution, in March 2007 I began to write for Seed of Devotion.

First of all, to share one's work with others demands the best of art. I must write well. Every time I publish a post I get pushed past the edge of good writing.

But I never reach the perfect, final edit. How humbling.

And second, to share my realizations with others demands almost gruelling authenticity. I explore my own soul, and then with integrity put it on paper.

Very scary.

But I figure that life is short. All too soon, I'll pass from this world, and the only trace left of me will be my writing.

I might as well share my heart. 


For an experience of prose on Seed of Devotion, below is my series, Touch of the Brajabasi.

To write is to dare the soul. So write.