Sunday, July 5, 2009

The Most Beautiful Class

This morning, while I dressed Radha Madan Mohan, I decided to listen to a class by my guru maharaj, Radhanath Swami. I've listened to it many times, because I consider it one of the most beautiful classes I have ever heard.

By the time I finished dressing, I had laughed, wept, and felt a determination well in my heart to return to Vrindavan.

Maybe when you listen to the class, you will too.

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Tulasi-priya dasi said...

Maharaja is one of the best speakers anywhere. He is always conscious of his audience (not merely speaking at them), and tailors his presentation for their understanding. Totally blows me and my husband away. I look forward to listening to this lecture. Thanks for posting it.

atulya said...

Wow are these your deities?
very beautiful.

Hari bol

Bhakti lata said...

I agree with you, Tulasi. Radhanath Swami blows me away, too... and you will see when you listen to this lecture. It is the only time I have ever heard of Radhanath Swami cry.

And Atulya, these deities belong to Ragunath, a gurukuli here in Alachua. He installed them about five years ago. they have their own blog:

Gopijanavallabha dasa said...

Somehow or other by good fortune I was there for this lecture... praying from a distance like Laksmi Devi to one day have entrance into Maharaja's gratitude, and joyous simple humility

Gopijanavallabha dasa said...

Here is a transcript of this most beautiful class...

Bhakti lata said...

how amazing you were there, prabhu. I can only imagine Radhanath Swami's expressions. and where is the transcript...?

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