Tuesday, September 30, 2008

In Love With Reality


I'm falling in love with India.

A friend of my parent's who has known me since birth once said, "Oh Bhakti, knowing you, you won't experience culture shock when you go to India. Actually, it will feel like going home. The real culture shock - at least for me - was when I returned to America. That was the real shock."

I'm beginning to understand his words... and I haven't even returned to America.

In my various forays into Mumbai, I have witnessed birth, death, disease, and old age whirl before my very eyes. Trash, slums, starving women, hollow-eyed beggars, distorted limbs and faces... It's there. It's real. To me, this isn't culture shock. It's just reality.

Folks, welcome to the material world.

And when I return to the temple of Radha Gopinath at the end of the day, a sense of relief and peace washes over me... it's like I have entered the spiritual world, that I've returned home. More than just enough food or a place to sleep, I feel the deep concern for the welfare of my soul - not just my body - by the devotees here.

I feel such a deep, deep appreciation to whatever karma or sukriti gave me such wonderful parents, who are devotees of Krishna. Where would I be without the mercy of my parents? Krishna consciousness is the key for the solace of my soul, and I truly feel it here in India, surrounded by the rawness of the world.


Kirtanya Sada Hari said...

Nice Post... Yup i love mumbai (INDIA) too cause it makes me feel like the ANT enjoying the mountain of Sugar.

Ant = Me
Sugar = Sri Sri Radha Gopinath Temple.

Sol said...

hehehehe you and Sita Lila together!!! thank you for sharing :)

rupamanjari said...

heyyy those are nice pics!!why dont u post some more?nice to hear ur liking India though it's kind of austere.austerity for Krsna is always extra sweet!!

incorrectmystic said...

hare krishna! I'm happy that you love India and especially my Krishna...
I liked the poems about krishna and Srila Prabhupada. also you've beautiful photos...that Krishna photo is breathtaking.... happy journey... happy chanting! keep posting more...

Bhakti lata said...

thank you all for your encouragement on these posts and my travels in India! bolo bolo!!

shri ramesh sadasivam said...

Welcome to India, friend. Nice to hear you like India. I am not surprised to hear this from a person like you, because India can be liked truly, only by spiritual people.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Bhakti. You're so rich, and very generous. Thank you for sharing your gifts with us.

- Weeping for Home

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