Saturday, August 1, 2009

KulimeLA LIVE: A Profound Connection

I just met the oldest gurukuli in ISKCON. Her name is Kalimba, and she's 46. She told me beautiful memories of her experiences with Srila Prabhupad, right here in Los Angeles.

Over thirty years ago, her mother Kasturi was the one to inspire my parents to become devotees of Krishna.

Kalimba told me that this is the first gurukuli reunion she has ever been to in her life. And I realized, as we were talking there in the California sun, that I would not be here, in Los Angeles, in Krishna Consciousness, if it wasn't for her mother's profound impact on my parents.

We wept and we embraced. It was like discovering a member of my family I never knew existed.

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tvpgroup said...

thats the beauty of prabhupada's family. every day u meet a new family member who is someway or the other connected to u.

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