Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The Installation of Radha Damodar

After thousands of pictures and traveling around the world with me, my camera died upon my return from India. (and may it rest in peace!)

So this is my first photo session in more than six months. My gratitude goes out to Aradhana das from DC, who simply gave me a camera when he somehow saw that mine had broken.

This installation of Radha Damodar and Lalita Vishaka was blissful. I felt inspired to see two of my gurukuli peers take this essential step of the grihastha ashram (married life) by welcoming Krishna into their home.

These final three photos were taken by my friend and roommate, Jivana Krishna. The first photo is of the two gurukulis, Adigopi and Kulavir, who welcomed Krishna into their home.

Their two children will grow up in celebration of Radha Damodar.

I was invited to dress Lalita devi.


sitapriya dasi said...

Beautiful Deities....

shri ramesh sadasivam said...

Wish them a happy married life.

Beautiful photos.

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