Monday, July 14, 2008

Vyasa Puja Offering 2007

“[For the devotees who were listening to Chaitanya Mahaprabhu glorify Sanatan Goswami], the perfection of their life was simply to see another devotee getting the Lord’s mercy. When the spiritual master sees that this is our consciousness in the inner most recess of our heart, it is in that place where we become so dear to Him.”

- Radhanath Swami, Nectarean Mellows Series

To Radhanath Swami on his Vyasa Puja, 2007

Please accept my deep respects, Radhanath Swami. Please offer respects to Srila Prabhupad on my behalf as well and all of the divinely inspired acaryas in our line, for this is a day I have been reflecting on association and, most importantly, guru.

When you spoke on this pastime of Mahaprabhu glorifying Sanatan Goswami (the above excerpt), I felt moved in my realization of being a disciple. One word sums up the excerpt for me: humility. It is the humility to appreciate and glorify the Vaishnavas, even in the midst of my own hardships.

And the more I ponder this excerpt, I’m realizing how I strive for this consciousness because you possess it to such an astounding extent. It doesn’t matter the tribulations you yourself are undergoing or who you’re surrounded by, words of the most sincere appreciation seem to flow from your mouth, melting even the coldest of hearts. Surely Srila Prabhupad holds you very dear to see how you exult in the Vaishnavas in the inner most recess of your heart. And those dear to Srila Prabhupad are surely dear to the Lord Himself.

Thank you for your example. I pray that I may follow in your footsteps by reaching out to give glories to the Vaishnavas. And when I am a bystander, I pray that I may rejoice in their progress and triumphs on this path to the Lord.

Your servant,

Bhakti lata bij dasi

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