Thursday, July 31, 2008

KuliMela LIVE - Day 1

This is a festival to cross borders. Picture this: 350 gurukulis from 25 different countries, all drawn to the lush hills of Belgium with sometimes nothing more in common than a passion to connect and to inspire one another.

As I write this on the evening of the first day of the KuliMela in Radhadesh Belgium, I realize with a depth I've never known how much Krishna crosses borders. No matter our language, our country, our body, our culture - Krishna reaches past all of those walls to touch our heart. Many don't speak English here, but when bhajans began to fill the castle grounds this afternoon, we all became in sync.

From my personal realization, I feel infused with a desire to serve. And the spirit is infectious.

Stay tuned for the next four days and I shall attempt to write every evening updates and realizations (hopefully a little longer than this one) on this mind-blowing festival.

If you are not personally here in Radhadesh, don't worry, Krishna knows no boundaries.

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