Monday, July 28, 2008

Rathayatra... in spirit.

I began my very short whirlwind tour of America in the fabulous community of LA. And after breakfast with the equally fabulous brother-sister duo of Shakuntala and Kuva, Sha invited me to dress her Jagannath deities. How could I refuse?

So thus I began my travels, dressing Lord Jagannath in Sha's quiet, sunlit living room. As I untangled beads and folded cloth, I realized that I had not attended a single Rathayatra this entire year, and nor would I. This thought startled me - a Bus Tour veteran, for the past several summers I have lived and breathed the Rathayatra festival. And now suddenly, none.

Sha told me that how I dress Lord Jagannath will be what They will wear for the LA Gurukuli Reunion as well as the Rathayatra. I will be far, far away by then... but my heart will be with Lord Jagannath.

So. I shall attend a Rathayatra this year after all.

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