Wednesday, July 11, 2007

A Poem of My Father's.

So Far Away

So far away
I am still so far away
I need to cross the ocean
walk millions of miles
and fly through the sky
until one day
tired of this body
I will lay down
and pray
and remember
who I am
where I came from
My body is dust
but my soul
is the light of the sun
the flame that burns incessantly
inside my heart
Only Your Name will be left
upon my lips, like a kiss
like a blossom

- Maheshvara Roberto
(written many years ago)

Tan Lejos

Tan lejos,
Estoy todavia tan lejos.
Necesito cruzar los oceanos
andar millones de millas
y volar por los cielos
Hasta que un dia
cansado de este cuerpo
Me tumbaro
y rezare
y recordare
quien soy
y de donde vengo.
Mi cuerpo es polvo
pero me alma
es la luz del sol
La llama que quema incesantemente
dentro de me corazon.
Solo tu nombre
quedare en mis labios,
como un beso,
como una flor


Anonymous said...

Hi Bhakti Lata,
The poem is simple and nice. And the mural you worked on is very interesting as well. I just stumbled upon your blog today and went through many of your articles. And i like it. Keep writing.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful poem... It reveals your dad's sincerity and humility. Writing poems is one of the qualities of a pure devotees.

To write is to dare the soul. So write.