Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Launch of Blossom of Devotion and Sri Brahma Samhita

Dear Reader, 

I feel shy. 

I am about to publish a new project/goal as well as a debut music track to the public, to all of you!

I have held off on publishing this for weeks now, I kid you not. There's something about sharing your dreams and your art with the world that feels so scary - it could get cut down or worse, dismissed. So I first approached friends and family to receive their blessings.

So with fortified courage, I present to you my project Blossom of Devotion, at blossomofdevotion.com

I created this website in dedication to my dream to study in Mayapur this fall. At the renowned Mayapur Academy, I shall learn the ancient and profound art of deity worship. The Academy program lasts for four months, and I shall graduate with a Diploma of Archana. With your blessings and support, we can make this a dream a reality.

I warmly invite you to visit blossomofdevotion.com and if you feel so inspired, to offer $10 or more for this cause under the Support page.

Second of all, I would like to introduce my debut music track, Sri Brahma Samhita. My friend Devananda and I worked for weeks in the studio to produce this track, and we had many, many learning curves. What an adventure in being an artist!

At last, we offered this music to the Lord on the altar one special morning, and now would like to offer it to you.

Please visit bhaktilata.bandcamp.com to purchase this track and give whatever you feel inspired to give. Any amount offered over $5 will go directly to support my endeavor to study in India this fall, as well as to support my attendance of Kirtan Mela in Germany this September.

Thank you so much for reading, listening, blessing, and supporting. I am honored by your kind consideration. 


Your servant,

Bhakti lata dasi 


Rukmini Priya said...

Listening to your track of the Brahma Samhita gave me chills. I feel so happy to hear the results of so much of your artistic efforts and devotion. I really hope you achieve the best success from all of your artistic endevours.
It's really so incredibly inspiring to me! :)

Best of luck Bhakti,

Bhakti lata said...

Thank you for your beautiful comment and encouragement, Rukmini. Love, Bhakti lata

Kerry Brian Davidson said...

Nice track, I have always a soft spot for the Sri Brahma Samhita.

To write is to dare the soul. So write.