Sunday, June 24, 2012

Lollipop Fortune

Christmas Eve 2011, Mexico: The Santa-shaped pinata did not stand a chance against 30 youth all eager for candy. Sure enough, as soon as we saw the slightest sign of breakage, a mad rush attacked the Santa! We piled on top of each other in a giant doggie-pile. Candy flew everywhere. 

When we at last sorted out all our limbs and had claimed victory over candy, I held some odd Mexican tamarind candies and lollipops. 

Suddenly, a girl noticed that on her hand-shaped lollipop something was written in Spanish. The girl called me over and I translated the roughly-hewn words. A fortune! These were fortune-telling lollipops. Oh, this was too awesome.  

I opened up my lollipop. 

Lo and behold, this is what my fortune said: 

Translated: You will know love.

When I read it, I yelled in delight. The girls all crowded around for a glimpse, and I boasted a triumphant smile.

"You guys!! I will know love!"

Whether that's God, a husband, children, friends, or a favorite pair of shoes, I will know love. That settles it, there is nothing to worry about in life, nothing, zero. After all, what is life without love? My lollipop fortune has revealed my destiny.

I would've saved the lollipop out of reverence and joy, but it was too tasty. 

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