Friday, January 10, 2014

On Purpose

Last summer, at a high-end salon school in New York City, I received a free haircut.

Hairdressers are famous for getting their clients to talk, aren't they? Amanda was a loving, soothing presence who got me to talk. I had gone to the salon in a purple sari, and so she inquired about my faith and I shared with her about my life, about Krishna.

In return, what Amanda shared with me felt like Paramatma, the Lord in the heart, speaking to me through her.

She shared about life purpose.

She had had a middle school English teacher instruct the class to write out their life purpose. Amanda had replied, "I want to be a hairdresser."

The teacher said, "Yes, but what's your purpose to being a hairdresser?"

"Well... to make people feel loved, nurtured; to feel absolutely beautiful inside and out."

"There you go."

That moment had changed her life.

For three hours, Amanda and I connected while she washed, cut, and styled my hair, her teachers looking on and scrutinizing her work. I felt deeply loved and nurtured by Amanda's gentle hands and thorough work. We were the last to finish for the day, and all the other student stylists exclaimed at my beautiful haircut and style, the teachers were impressed. I felt beautiful inside and out.

If this was Amanda's life purpose, she was living it.

Before I left, I said to Amanda,  "You want to know my life purpose? I want to be the teacher who asks those kinds of questions to people who were like you were in school."

What's the purpose behind being a teacher?

I want to inspire others to move along the path of love - to inquire, search, serve.

So... what's your purpose? 

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