Friday, January 3, 2014

Missing Puzzle Piece

My parent's deities, Sri Radha Raman, have needed a bath and new clothes for awhile. So this morning I polished Their brass forms with tilak and lemon juice. Cotton balls came away blackish. I dressed Them in fresh clothes. I had actually designed and ordered these clothes five years ago when I had been in Vrindavan, India. 

When at last I placed Sri Radha Raman back upon Their altar, I just sat there and gazed at Their bright faces. They looked so happy, so beautiful. 

I physically felt as though my heart became complete. There was this curious sensation in my chest, like a missing puzzle piece had just been placed there.  

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krishna said...

Hare Krishna

Nice to see your posts. I had wanted to start a blog. But was unsure of finding one particular subject. My topics used to be from entirely different topics. Sometimes it was from finance, jobs, cooking, parenting, travel etc. So my title never matched my thoughts. Now I have decided to write about my beloved Krishna. Now I have numerous ideas to write but short of time.

Any way, nice to see your blog which comes direct from your heart.

To write is to dare the soul. So write.