Monday, September 10, 2012


In my life I have only vaguely understood why in Vaishnava tradition there is so much focus on the feet - how we surrender to the feet of the Lord, feet of the spiritual master, feet of the devotees. Feet are worshipable.

Um, why?

Just a short time ago, I got to stay at the Bhakti Center in New York City for a couple days. The first morning of my visit, I got to chant japa meditation in front of the deities of Radha Muralidhara. That morning I felt so raw and exposed in my faults and offenses, so stripped of my pride. Looking at Radha or Krishna's face almost felt too direct, too bold. So I had a curious experience - my eyes just kept returning to Muralidhara's feet.

There was something so safe about remaining there, like being held in an embrace.

Even now, when I'm in kirtan or I'm chanting japa, my mind often turns to the beautiful feet of Muralidhara. And I experience shelter.

(photo by Ravi Kishor)

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