Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The Marriage of Two Traditions

I had the honor of being present for the two wedding ceremonies of my friend, Gokul Vilasini. One honored the Sikh tradition of her family, and the other honored the Vedic tradition in Krishna Consciousness.

By the time the sun set, I was immersed in the intensity and solemnity of each tradition.

I present to you a photo essay of the bangle ceremony, Gokul's Sikh wedding, and a glimpse of the Vedic wedding.




chanting on her way to the Gurudwara

begging for blessings from Malati devi

Sikh Ceremony

Vedic Ceremony

"In the first round of the marriage ceremony, the Lord gives you His instructions for married life. Instead of performing rituals by routine, embrace the righteous life of Dharma, and do nothing that separates you from God. Meditate on God's name." 
- from the Anand-Karaj, the Sikh wedding ceremony

"Who has given this heart and to whom? Love has given unto love. Love is the giver, love is the receiver. Love has entered the ocean of love. I receive you through love. Oh love, this heart is yours." 
-  vow from Kathaka-Samhita, the Vedic wedding ceremony


Murari Gupta Das said...

beautiful. will use some pics for btg

Rukmini said...

I love these photo essays you've been posting up lately. I have to keep clicking on each photo to see them up close..they're all incredible

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