Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Atlanta Panihati Photo Essay

Last weekend I jumped in a van and headed up to Atlanta for the Panihati Festival. I rode the waves of serendipity - when I arrived, I did not even know where I was going to stay.

I'll tell you a secret, though - I belong to the biggest family on the planet. Within oh, maybe a half an hour, a godbrother found me a place to stay with absolute strangers who became instant friends. 

That's what happens when people have Krishna in common. 

This particular Panihati Festival brought me straight to Mayapur - Bengali prasadam, Bengali bhajans, and most of all Jayapataka Swami himself. I felt so honored and so happy to be amidst such a whirlwind of color and devotees and kirtan and devotion.  


Rukmini said...

I love your photos bhakti, you have such talent for candid shots!

OPEN SPACE said...

beautiful pics. will use some for btg

Mahasundari Madhavi dasi said...

love the pictures :-)! glad we got to meet too!

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