Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The Mood of The 24 Hour Kirtan

I am in Madhava's kirtan, it's 6am. The 24 Hour Kirtan is drawing to a close. I'm very tired, a little delirious.

Last night I sat close in to the kirtan party during Madhava's spellbinding kirtan. At one point, I looked over to a young woman seated next to me; she was weeping. Tears poured from her eyes and her expression was so rapt on the holy name.

Nobody really saw. But I did. I saw.

And somehow, as I write this, we're seated next to each other again.

This young woman's mood is the mood of the 24 Hour Kirtan. People gathered from across thousands of miles, across oceans, to attend this festival, to chant the holy name. And amongst the hundreds who came, all would be moved, but some would weep... and somehow, twice, Krishna has placed me next to such a soul.


Anne said...

I've cried several times during kirtan. Sometimes it was just because I was so tired and my body was fighting between wanting to contonue and wanting to sleep. Most recently was on Mother's day when we were chanting Durga Ma and I felt as though everything that was confusing about watching my mother getting older was swirling around me.

Your post was beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Weeping for what?

Damodara das said...

Hare Krishna, Dandavats pranams. Been to your blog first time and passed several hours reading . Good work. Keep it up.

Your servant,
Radha Damodar das

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