Monday, June 8, 2009

Never Stop Singing

Six years ago, my friend Karuna and I had a discussion about dancing in kirtan. One could say that for one who has grown up in Krishna Consciousness, dancing in kirtan especially is the highlight of our religion.

Karuna said, “I love to dance, but I think I get carried away with the dancing - fancy moves, who's there, whatever - and forget about the essence of kirtan. So I asked Sacinandana Swami about his thoughts on this issue.

“He told me: Never dance so hard, or dance so complicated, that you stop singing. Never stop singing. Or rather, always sing in kirtan. With this as a foundation, dance your heart out!”

From this one conversation with my friend, and this one instruction of Sacinandana Swami, I decided to live every kirtan by this standard. When I sing in kirtan, I remember to look to the deities of Krishna, or the altar. I remember to look up and look around at the amazing devotees who surround me, and smile. I remember why I'm even dancing.

To always remember to sing in kirtan has transformed my experience of Krishna Consciousness… and my experience of the holy name.

Try it. Let it transform you.

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