Monday, December 17, 2007

Una nota de La Ciudad

Crazy breakdowns. Travel all day. Crazy getting-to-know-you games - I think I know TOO much now [laugh].

We're IN La Ciudad... but we're lost. It's 4:40am... in the deserted streets, we find a cop, who escorts us to the temple's street. It's 4:50am. The bus is still trying to park and Manu calls out, "Go, go!! The curtains are going to close - go see the Deities!" so we jump off the moving bus. Forget your shoes, just GO - so we dash barefoot through the courtyard. I hear a mrdanga and voices.

We billow in and offer obeisance to the Deities. And ahhh... it's like soothing water flowing around me as I bask in the Deities and the quiet of this moment in contrast of the craziness of getting here... of finally, finally getting here.

We're leaving now - five minutes. The adventure has begun.

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