Thursday, November 15, 2007

Tour of... Atlanta? Taking a detour.

They're calling roll call now, moving alphabetically. This is like a sea of people - of countries. My heart pounds pounds... They call Pakistan. Then -

"Palestine," the chair calls.

Caroline and I both stand. I say softly, with power, "Thank you honored chair, fellow delegates -" heads turn, "The Palestinian Authority is present,"

I don't think I have ever felt so nervous for a roll call.

I'm in the International Labor Organization Committee - it contains over 100 people, 76 countries - of 1400 people total at this conference in Atlanta.

It's 11:19pm right now, I'm in the lobby of the hotel, and the place is still buzzing with Model UN nerds working on Resolutions.

My professor sometimes refers to the United Nations like a giant marriage counseling facility. Air out your views, share ideas, talk...

Wish me - er - Palestine luck. I wonder if getting an identity crisis is covered in UN marriage counseling.

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