Saturday, November 24, 2007

Tour of Alachua (3 of 5): The Road to My Soul

I have walked this road hundreds of times. If a road had a personality, we'd be the most steadfast and deepest of friends.

I find it fascinating that this road is on temple property, and yet even on Janmastami - the biggest festival day of the year - I can still slip out to the hushed quiet of this winding road.

To the sunrise, the sunset, the stars, heat lightening, the full moon, a meadow of wildflowers, the whisper of Spanish moss... this is my escape.


Jahnavi said...

I love this road too...thankyou for posting Bhakti - I love reading your blog so much!

Kirtanya Sada Hari said...

Hey Seniorita, Thanks for sharing the links... its really so inspiring to read your blogs. I liked your dad's poetry too.

There are lot of things to learn from you and out of all i really like one quality of yours which has really touched me... thanks for everything :-)

To write is to dare the soul. So write.