Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Tour of Alachua (1 of 5): Wednesday Bhajans

I enthusiastically proposed to Bali that Wednesday Bhajans be hosted at my house with the ulterior motive to... well... clean the house. There's nothing like guests for motivation to clean.

So the three of us - Jivi, Shalagram, and me - did. 

I cringed, pinched my nose, and stifled screams a little more than I wanted to, but by the time cars started to line the road for a quarter mile come Wednesday night, our house was cozy, clean, and smelled of sweet incense and kitri.

I believe spiritual life is a bit like that. We all need each other to clean up our acts. That way, the temple of our heart can be clean for Krishna to come... and maybe sing some bhajans with us.

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Vinod said...

Seems so nice to belong to this community

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