Friday, May 15, 2015

Whats in a Name?

Flashback Friday: September 23rd, 2001 (age 14)

I haven't realized it before, but I'm actually named after it: Bhakti - transcendental service to Krishna... this is perfect happiness. To give and give and give and receive nothing in return. At least materially. Just to give is a magnanimous gift to my own being. To have clothes on my back, to honor prasadam... and to constantly serve Krishna is ultimate.

Anyway, I have recently stopped chanting my japa and performing a mini-morning program. I know this is all temporary, the way I have been acting, but it's not good. I must pray to Chaitanya for mercy and continue my routine of preparing and honoring prasad, chanting two rounds of japa (more, if time allows), play the mridanga with some morning prayers, and then read on spirituality, the scriptures, Krishna's pastimes... anything! I MUST keep going if I don't want to get swallowed up by maya. So, with this contract to myself, this vow to my soul, I will continue these trascendental habits. Haribol! 

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