Friday, November 7, 2014

Bhakti lata At A Glance

This was my homework assignment today for one of my English classes:

Draft your own autobiographical poem and follow this structure:

The first line is your first name, followed by a line of three words that describe you to yourself. The next line is something you love, then something you hate, something you fear, and something you wish for. The last line is your last name.

Bhakti lata
Searching, committed, deep
I love to listen to the murmurs and sing like a tiger
        the Lord's holy name
I hate my own crippling weaknesses
I fear that I am unlovable
I wish to love unconditionally

P.S. So, dear reader, what's YOUR poem?


k.mala gutierrez said...

this is kind of rough... but...

kadamba mala
exhausted, wanting, selfish
husband, children, sri guru
unretractable mistakes, my mind
being left alone, loss
accepting love, from myself and others
devi dasi

(p.s. - your sari in that photo is amazing! xo)

Bhakti lata said...

beautiful Kadamba Mala!! Thanks for sharing. And thanks for the compliment ;)

vyoma said...

I love reading your words Bhakti Lata ji

Here's my little effort:
seeker, learner, helper
loves the path to truth
dislikes suffering
fears her own pride
wishes for pure love to reside in her heart


Thank you

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