Friday, December 28, 2012


My alarm clock tone is the 1966 track of Prabhupad singing pranam and Hare Krishna. This morning I decided to put in my earphones and listen to the whole track.

Prabhupad's voice filled my being.

The thought came to me how I want this track to be playing at the time of my death. Seeing myself on my deathbed did not feel morbid at all. In fact, I experienced such peace.

No matter how much my body may change, if I travel the world or remain in a small town, who I marry or if I ever marry, disasters or triumphs that befall me, who my children are or if I ever have children, what my career is, if I accomplish famous deeds or remain utterly unknown, whatever may transpire in my life...

... everything becomes so simple in those moments before I leave this body.


The holy name. Krishna.

Listening to Prabhupad sing this morning while I laid in bed, I experienced quiet moments of perfection. I don't need to prove anything in this life, to conquer the world or something. I just need to be me. I am enough.

Prabhupad will come for me.

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Tushar Mundada said...

Hare Krishna Bhakti Lata Mataji.

I read your blog. It was nice, you have really tried hard to share and stick to your own realizations on the spiritual path.
and I could appreciate it more and felt connected because I am too trying share my own realizations and about the wonderful people i get to meet in the community of devotees.
my blog
I read somewhere in your blog about your writing classes too,let me know if possible how to improve,
yas tushar

Tushar Mundada said...

Also thanks for the Ghanshyam picture. I got it from your blog. I also wrote a post on Ghanshyam Baba but I could not find his picture anywhere. I wanted permission for using it in my blog. Can I use it?

Jessica M said...

Loved this post! I love listening to Srila Prabhupada chanting the mahamantra too!

Hare Krishna!

To write is to dare the soul. So write.