Thursday, February 9, 2012


"I am drowning in this ocean of misery, my dear Lord. Please rescue me."

This is a line from one of my favorite songs, Dukher Sagore. I have sought solace in this song for many, many years, even when I was just listening to an old tape recording and didn't even know what the words meant. You could say that this sounds like such a dire prayer, but as time goes on I experience more and more peace and surrender in this bhajan whenever I sing it. Curious, huh?

Last night when I stepped inside of the temple, the muscles in my face went soft. In the winter quiet and stillness, I let my fingers flow over the keys of the harmonium. The curtains swung open and I offered obeisance to my Lords, Sri Radha Shyamasundar. I sang Dukher Sagore as an offering, a lullaby, and quiet and stillness surrounded me like a deep lake that mirrors the sky.

Maybe I find such solace in this bhajan because when I come before the Lord with soft eyes and a soft voice in prayer, I allow the Lord to rescue me. 

I was given the opportunity to sing for the 24 Hour Kirtan in New Vrindavan this past summer. I decided to sing Hare Krishna in the melody of this song, and below is a portion of that video.

I poured every moment and memory of lullaby into the kirtan.

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Sridevi said...

Haribol Bhakti lata!

Just wanted to say that your blog has inspired me so much to pursue my own sadhana and see the best in others. You mentioned you were singing 'Dukhera Sagore' and I remember you singing this song in your sweet devotional voice when I visited New Raman Reti in 2006. Keep up what you're doing because it's all pleasing to the devotees, Guru, Krishna, and therefore ultimately yourself!

With lots of love,

Your servant,


Bhakti lata said...

Oh wow, Sridevi, thank you for your beautiful encouragement. Thank you thank you!! I hope our paths cross sometime in the near future.


Bhakti lata

In Love With Krishna said...

This post is so beautiful!
i enjoyed the video so much, i have no words to express the beautiful emotions it has filled me up with.
Thanks for sharing, and making my day! :)

Pablo said...

here is the link for the lyrics

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