Wednesday, August 3, 2011

A Note from Mexico

I write this at a cafe in Mexico overlooking the glimmering Pacific Ocean. I feel strange to be writing this on a computer, connecting with the world.

Not even 24 hours before the Bus Tour pulled out of Alachua, Manu invited me to hop on. In a spirit of pure adventure, I worked out the kinks in my life and finances and bam, I jumped on.

I feel like I've been in Oz for the past week and a half. Every morning I wake up to a new adventure amidst 50 other youth as we travel across North America.

Right now we're off to dance and sing in the streets of Ensenada, and I must go. Many stories and pictures await.

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Varsana said...

Dear Bhakti Lata,
I am regular visitor to your blog and I am almost always inspired by your beautiful writing. More than that I am inspired by the devotion that comes through in all the articles. Just this past weekend I saw you at the San Francisco RY and wanted to share my appreciation in person...but somehow could not. Till the next time our paths meet....Hare Krishna!

To write is to dare the soul. So write.