Thursday, July 7, 2011

A Long-Awaited Photo Essay

My friend Balaram has been begging me to post my pictures from South India for the past seven months. I'm not kidding - 7 months. As a running joke, he has tried every trick in the book: random text messages, bribes, philosophical arguments, and just plain old-fashioned begging. 

Finally, this morning I just buckled down to edit and post them!  

Amazing how photos can transport us to another world, another time, another place. So I was quite stunned to find myself in India this morning. 

What pulled me there was the people; I experience the people in India as so unguarded. To lock eyes with total strangers is normal; laughter is full and rich; devotion is expressed openly. 

If you haven't noticed yet, my joy in photography is to capture the Incandescent Moment - the soft and unexpected moment of poetry. Just by being aware and observant, I get to distill the beauty and essence of life into an image. With photography, I get to view every moment of life as a work of art.  (You can view my Incandescent Moment photo essay here)

So thank you, Balaram, for encouraging me to revisit my surreal experience on the South India Yatra.

To conclude our joke, after I had posted this album, I asked him: "Okay, so where's my bribe money?"

He replied: "How can I pay you for something that is priceless?"

Bravo. Point taken.   


Radhanath Swami with the leaders of the Ramanujacharya line

one of my favorite places in South India, the Corridor of a Thousand Pillars

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M.Gandharidasi said...

Amazing work of Art, Pls share more!! Beautiful, Lovely and very Vedic Oriented. Thank you very much. M. Gandharidasi

Anonymous said...

Aww this transported me back to South India as well! I was on the yatra also and it was so great getting that south indian vibe back captured the moments very well! :)

In Love With Krishna said...

The Ramanujacharya line...thanks for mentioning His blessed name...
Our guru :)
i really like your beautiful pics :)
Thousand Srirangam, right?

Vinod said...

The Pictures are beautiful and motivates me to go there ....

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