Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Radhanath Swami's Magic

Over the past several days During Radhanath Swami's recent visit to Alachua, I have contrived so many reasons to keep my distance - he's too busy, I'm too mental and unqualified, etc.

My mind wants distance...

...but my soul wants closeness! Without fail, day after day, I am drawn irresistibly closer and closer to his beautiful presence, to listen closer to his beautiful kirtans, to soak in deeper his beautiful words... to laugh at his beautiful humor.

There is a saying, "We may forget what someone has said, we may even forget what someone has done, but we will never forget how someone made us feel." So while Radhanath Swami's words and actions guide my own words and actions on a daily basis, sometimes I forget all of that.

All I remember is how I feel when I am in his presence: bathed in purity. Inspired and at peace. 

This morning after Bhagavatam class, I simply walked up to him with a huge smile on my face; I expressed my gratitude for his class and his presence. I said, "I feel so grateful to be under your shelter, Maharaj,"  

He smiled in his effulgent way and said, "I feel grateful I got to serve you!"

I hope to serve him one day. 

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Prince Ani said...

That's so sweet! Maharaj never fails to reciprocate sweetly.

I go through the same thought process like you mentioned. Especially when I sit close to the Vyasa asana just before his class. M always in such a position that he has to pass by me to get to the vyasa asana, and I always look down at his feet and smile.

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