Tuesday, March 8, 2011

A Candid Conversation

February 26th

Dear Bhakti,

Why are you not writing anymore or barely writing? Your writings are very good and thought-provoking.

Your servant,
Partha-sarathi dasa

March 8th 

Dear Partha-sarathi, I've been thinking about this for a long while. Just now I went to Seed of Devotion, and for once I just observed my blog. I looked at the "Archives" side gadget, and I realized that since 2008 my number of posts per year have steadily decreased.

I'm not sure why.

I'll reflect on it.

Thank you for your encouragement, Prabhu.

Bhakti lata

March 8th

Dear Bhakti lata, your writings show the inner sentiments that belong to a second generation devotee (I hate the word gurukuli, sorry) who is trying to find her place in Krishna Consciousness... and along the way experiencing so much mercy.

I have followed your blog since it started, and I can see how your writing has become more thought-provoking and internal.

If for nothing else, write because Srila Prabhupada says that writing about Krishna purifies our heart.

Forgive me for writing to you, considering that I don't think we've ever met, but I hate to see talented devotees not using their wonderful talents more... if that makes any sense.

Your servant,
Partha-sarathi dasa

March  8th

This is beautiful, thank you. Actually, I feel through this conversation thread I have really stepped back and evaluated my journey with Seed of Devotion, and what direction I'm really going in.

You are right, Srila Prabhupad says we need to write our realization. It's scary to share our heart, but it's even more scary to let our talent to serve Krishna go to waste.

Thank you for your candid honesty.

Bhakti lata

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