Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Not Eye Deep, Heart Deep

When I was in Hawaii, I would often tune in to the Alachua webcam at for Sayana Arati, the last Arati of the day, which is also my favorite. It is soft and sweet, like singing a lullaby to Krishna before He goes to sleep.

One day, I tuned in to the webcam and the above picture flashed on my screen. I quickly saved it to my computer. The mood of this picture reminds me of the aphorism, "Don't go to the temple to see Krishna; be sincere and serve so that Krishna wants to see you." That is the meaning of "darshan".

I believe that this woman truly saw Lord Krishna in His deity form... and Krishna saw this woman.


Vrndavana Vinodini dd said...

Reminds me of what HH Sacinandana Swami says about chanting as well. We should chant heart deep, not lip deep.

Bhakti lata said...

that saying was what I was playing off of :) glad someone caught it.

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