Sunday, March 22, 2009

My Life Is Like a Sari

My Life is Like a Sari
a birthday poem

My life is like a sari

My breaths
are the threads
woven in thousands of rows
upon the loom
of my body.

My life is like a sari

the first thread
and the last thread
          my first breath
          and my last breath
touch but in one moment

one moment

when the sariweaver
cuts me from the loom
and presses the edges
of my life together

My life is like a sari

I pray 
that the final thread 
is woven in the design 
of the name 
of God.

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shri ramesh sadasivam said...

Hello Bakthilatha, Is today your B'Day? Many happy returns of the day. And same pinch. Today is my B'day too. :)Nice B'Day song.

Read my B'day song. I wrote it time back.

Sol said...

to your facebook? I was looking for you to share this site I happened to find...:

I could not avoid thinking about you :)
love, gopi kumari dd :)

Nitya devi dasi said...

Happy Birthday, Bhakti! Your poem is beautiful.

Tarah said...

This is a beautiful poem. I love your writing , keep it up. Thank you for sharing your seeds of devotion. It makes life so much more beautiful when you keep your heart and mind on the divine. haribol, hare krsna

Krishna Kanta Dasi said...

What a beautiful poem~!
Hare Krishna, Bhakti! :-)
I am a close friend (of over 26 years), of Jahnavi Dasi, Balarama Briant's mother. Having been very inspired by your teaching, Bali very enthusiastically directed me to your blog several years ago I have been enjoying reading it ever since!
I run a poetry site for women of all spiritual traditions and am requesting your permission to share this beautiful poem of yours on it. I would only need you to write a little introduction for me to go with it.
Please contact me here, if this idea inspires you: Thanks!
(I have tried contacting you in the past, but -for some reason- didn't have much luck. So I thought I'd try via a comment this time!)
I look forward to hearing from you! :)

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