Tuesday, December 9, 2008

A Haiku for Radha Gopinath

haiku is a poem which contains three lines of alternating syllables of five-seven-five

Mei Ghar Aagayi

I have come home

exhaustion plagues me
I seek asylum in you
for I have come home


Madhava Gosh said...

I am always happy to see devotees writing poetry.

If you are interested in haiku, it is a whole world to itself. The 17 syllable thing is probably the least important part.

What separates haiku from senyru is that haiku usually has a nature theme.

They both use the idea of two separate ideas put together to create an insight.

Do you remember Bhokta from NV? Sukadevi and Nara's father.

He runs a monthly haiku contest. Writing haiku is a great discipline tool for becoming an effective writer, IMHO, so I take part in it for the exercise.

It isn't a devotee thing, it is much more widespread.

If you are interested, here is the link to the contest page of the website.


Bhakti lata said...

thanks for filling me in, madhava ghosh. I look forward to writing haikus with the aspects that you mentioned. maybe i shall submit one one month :)

manivannan said...

Hi! Nice poem! I liked it. Even I had shared similar thoughts in a poem. If poss read it...


I enjoy reading Haikus in the link below. Though it's not devotional, I thought you can get some inspiration for writing haiku poems.


Madhava Gosh said...

Why "maybe"? It's not too late to dive in this month. :-)

To write is to dare the soul. So write.