Sunday, August 3, 2008

KuliMela LIVE - Day 4

One of my favorite parts of a huge festival like this is the 'thank you's at the end. The flow of gratitude begins... and then overflows. I certainly came away from the closing ceremony transformed with appreciation. I am certain others came away transformed as well.

You know why I know? At lunch, after the ceremony, people were positively crying out for a position as a server of prasadam. Someone arrived 20 minutes early to notify me they wanted to serve. I only laughed and assured him a place.

To listen to the glories for over an hour of the Vaishnavas who ran this festival certainly inspired others to serve.

I have planned to stay awhile in Radhadesh before heading out to my next destination, and I look forward to the serenity of this castle and reflecting on the KuliMela. I actually planned this next week here for this sole purpose of reflection.

An experience like this needs to sink in. I believe experiences need to be digested... There's a saying in Ayurveda that nectar will be poison with bad digestion, and poison will be nectar with good digestion. Similarly, if I allow myself no time to 'digest' this festival ('bad' digestion), it's almost as if I did not experience it at all. But giving myself the space and time to reflect and savor the beautiful moments ('good' digestion), then certainly the festival becomes ten times more powerful.

I hope to write a few more posts on this festival in the next week. As for now, I am still in my 'is-this-real' space, and a sweet melancholy that this festival has ended. After so long, so much planning, after so much eager anticipation... KuliMela has ended.

But not really. Watch out LA 09. Watch out Australia 010. Alachua 011... others on the horizon, such as Kazakhstan... Siberia... Mayapur... New Mayapur, France...

So really, KuliMela has only just begun.


allan said...

Dear Bhakti Lata,

Thank you for your very enlivening report on Kulimela. Your entire blog is actually very inspiring. I found your blog when I was googling the Belgian Kulimela and there was not much yet added on the web...till I found your blogspot, then ;-)
I attended the Mela from Friday about 16:00 till Sunday about 18:00. And time flied! So I recognize your melancholic feelings a little. I also need to digest the whole experience. The atmosphere was definitely magical. As I have lived in Radhadesh for over 4 years before I can truly say that what I felt during Kulimela was indeed a feeling I hadn't experienced in Radhadesh during all those four years. Although I hardly knew anyone (as I'm not 2nd generation but rather early/young 1st generation)I still felt so much at ease. Like I was forced to drop off all my defense mechanism and reserves. Well, enjoy the rest of your stay in Radhadesh and I'll surely follow some more of your blog in the future. By the way your thankful sentiments to Srila Prabhupada which you expressed at the end of the closing ceremony were heart touching.

Hare Krishna

Yours sincerely,

Poxinfinite said...

Bhakti! thanks for the wonderful comments on the mela :) I hope we can find a few more bloggers to help build up the picture of the event. But I think you focused on the cream, so thank you :) It's another service.


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