Monday, April 21, 2008

The Wedding of Jackie and Parama Karuna

Yesterday morning Jackie and Parama Karuna legally became husband and wife, most importantly to accommodate Jackie's parents (they plan to hold a Vedic wedding in the fall). I felt touched to see two people so compatible and willing to strive towards Krishna together.

So reflecting on marriage, last year I wrote this:

Yesterday at the wedding of Indradyumna Swami's brother, Maharaj spoke some cool stuff about marriage. Once he was on a plane and encountered a couple in their 90's and they were heading out to celebrate their 75th wedding anniversary. 75 YEARS. And so Maharaj inquired, "I am often the priest for many weddings, and I also give a speech. So please tell me, what are some words of advice that I can give to newlyweds? What has held you both together for so long, and so happily?"

They both replied at once:

"Give more than you take."

I realize that this applies to all of our relationships, especially with Krishna. To love is to give... to serve.

The Wedding of Jackie & Parama Karuna

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Jacqueline Prema said...

You are SO cute...What a sweet surpise!

We were really honored to have you there. Thank you for help making it so special :)

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