Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Dancing with Mother Mitravinda

I wrote this last night...

Mother Mitravinda passed away this morning. Gaura Shakti held bhajans at his house in honor for her this evening.

And as Jagi settled down to the harmonium to sing, he said, "So this was Mother Mitravinda's favorite tune," he paused and everyone went quiet. "I went to go visit her and I was singing this tune. Then she said softly, 'It's not fair,' and I asked, 'Why is it not fair, Mitravinda?' and she replied, "It's not fair because this is my favorite tune... and I want to dance but I can't,' She then bagan to weep,"

When Jagi sang the first mantra, chills ran down my spine. Everyone sang so deeply and so beautifully and my face shone with tears to remember Mother Mitravinda dancing. Her spirit moves me, even now as I write this.

I remember the very last time I danced with her - it was the Sunday Feast before she would go to the hospital to begin treatment. I was elated to still see her at the temple. At one point in the kirtan, we both raised our arms as we sang. And as we faced each other, the expression on Mother Mitravinda's face took my breath away. Her intensity, her prayer to Radha Shyamasundar, hit me like a wave, enough to bring tears to my eyes... much the same tears I wept at bhajans tonight. And suddenly I knew - this is the last time I will ever dance with Mother Mitravinda.

And so it was.

Now I am realizing, though, that really she hasn't stopped dancing. I know this sounds all poetic, but I believe that she dancing in the hearts of all the lives she has touched.

She's dancing in mine.


Jahnavi said...

Beautiful Bhakti, thankyou. I will miss Mother Mitravinda too although I barely knew her. From what little association I had, I could sense what an incredible person she was...

Jaya Kesava Das said...

Ah yes! She's dancing all right. I'll never forget last summer at Kulimela when I met her for the first time. we sat inGovi's seminar and as we talked she realized Raghu and I were born a day apart. Sh egive me a big hug and said so lovingly "my new found friend"
I was completely awe struck by such a person. Will I miss her? NO. Just can't wait to see her again.

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