Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Meditations on the Holy Name: Poetry (2 of 3)

A Prayer to the Holy Name

Sometimes you rest
upon my chest
like a burden, like a load
like chains.
Sometimes I wonder why
you follow me, hollow me
and why I give you reign
to invade my ways.
Like a guest
forever living in my head
I wonder why
I invited you in.

But sometimes you dance
upon my tongue
like water, like rain
like sustenance
for my soul.
I listen to a shimmer
of hope, of grace
Your dance is my heartbeat
my breath,
my faith.
Sometimes I wonder why
you have chosen
to embrace me
and erase me
of all of my poison.

Like gold in the fire
you purify me, beautify me
I desire for the desire
to remain in your fire.

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