Monday, September 10, 2007

Reflections on 2004

Summer 2004 was incredible. I was browsing through some pictures from that summer and I felt transported back in time. Taking up Radhanath Swami even more as my teacher, teaching at Camp Govardhan in Saranagati, flying down to LA to perform with Krishna Devata, Karnam, Gauravani, and Anapayini; joining the Bus Tour for the first time in a whirlwind tour of the West Coast, then to end the summer on a grand note, Kartamasa and Radha's wedding...

... then back to zero devotees, festivals, sadhus, and temples in Hawaii.

decorating the rathayatra cart with pine boughs (Canada style ;)

Rathayatra began as a cloudy day in the valley, and then brightened up to smile on Lord Jagannath!

canoeing in the duck-poo lake in Saranagati.

chilling out after LA Rathayatra.

I dubbed this picture "Krishna Balaram"

getting ready... in a closet?
in LA, a day after our performance

mangoes in Mexico

a poetic moment on a japa walk on the beach, Baja California, Mexico
The Bus Tour performance.... Kapila was one lucky guy.

The bridesmaids at Kar and Radha's wedding.
The Saranagati Crew after the Feast!

On Janmastami... back in Hawaii.

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