Friday, June 8, 2007

The Comic Strip [Day 2.3]

So it’s just the three of us for over an hour, connecting with Maharaj. We laugh, we confer, we question, relaxed and peaceful in our spiritual discussions. The whole time I suspend my disbelief that we’re chilling out with Indradyumna Swami. Then, Chaturatma gently reminds Maharaj that it’s time for the evening program. Maharaj turns to us. “You’re coming?” he asks hopefully.

“Of course!” Rupa replies.

“Well then I’ll see you there,” he smiles.

"Ah yes, the Musketeerinis," Chaturatma chuckles.

Grinning, we offer obeisance. I had felt completely detached that I would never speak with Indradyumna Swami, nor associate with him closely. I was fully willing to just bask in his presence. And yet Krishna has His own agenda.

Just a moment to reflect, because now it’s time to jump in the car… again. Go, go, go! Now get this: Rupa – who’s been driving for all of four months – has to follow former-NYC-taxi-driver

Chaturatma in Atlanta rush-hour traffic. Yeah, the combination is ridiculous to me, too. We run several lights, cut off no less than three people, and practically bribe one to cut in front to make a left turn. We collapse in laughter! How insane! We’ve been joking since the start of the trip how our escapades should become a comic strip: The Musketeerinis. We even discuss our personas: Nama the calm princess, Rupa the wired hilarious one, and me, the anxious and sensible director.

The reason for our rush happens when we reach a gated community (in which we slip in after Chaturatma quite clandestinely). We had been told this was to be a hush-hush operatin of zipping in and zipping out of a certain apartment.

We're all cool with parking and waiting for Maharaj to go in and come out, (Besides, if I don't move my tingling legs I swear they're going to run away) but we’re ushered over to dash upstairs with Maharaj, and as we climb to the apartment, we dog on Chaturatma for driving us nuts on the road (no pun intended).

Maharaj just chuckles.

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