Thursday, December 12, 2013

Winter Bus Tour Photo Essay

A big silver bus outfitted with bunkbeds and filled with youth will head out to Mexico tomorrow for the 2013 Winter Bus Tour. Two years ago I had the honor of going on the Tour to perform bharatanatyam dance, sing kirtan with Madhava Prabhu, and connect with the amazing people on and off the bus.

In tribute of the Bus Tour, here's a photo essay of some of the pictures I took two years ago. 

waiting for prasadam

I often escaped to visit cathedrals

The Gita play

kirtan programs almost every evening

Agua Azul

kirtan with Madhava Prabhu

the ruins of Palenque

panoramic shot of a city wall 

Our Bus Tour Gaura Nitai and Haridas Thakur deities. They're the ultimate adventurers.   


Rukmini Priya said...

Bhakti! I can't believe you hid these photos from us for two years! Ahhh, what a wonderful tour. But thank you for posting these up. I actually woke up this morning nervous and anxious about this tour..not sure why. It's probably a sign that I need the adventure in my life (;.

Also, can I share this blog post on the Bus Tour page today before we head out?


Kyra said...

Thank you Bhakti!!! Your association was golden that tour,I am so appreciative of that experience and the devotees that were part of it,Im pleased that I cherished EVERY single moment,because there will never be another time or place that can compare. The arrangement for those that were there,was Krishnas desire and i feel so fortunate to have been able to be part of it,as fallen as I am and I truly believe you should go every year!!! so you can do roll call and explain about the toilets:) and your pretty u sister Happy New year

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