Saturday, February 21, 2009

Portraits of the Brajabasi: at rest

  Portraits of the Brajabasi: at rest

Krishna is joyful. I am part and parcel of Krishna; therefore I must be also joyful. That is natural. If my father is black, then I am also black. So our father, the supreme father Krishna, is joyful. He is not engaged in some industrial work or heavy machine making. He is simply playing on His flute, and Radharani is there. That is joyful nature. 
- Srila Prabhupada, March 21, 1969


Josh said...

I was transported to Vraj with these photos. These portraits are museum quality masterpieces. I would love to see those blown up and framed. Keep up with the good work

Bhakti lata said...

I don't know if you'll read this, Josh, but thank you for your wonderful comment! My camera broke about 10 months ago, and I haven't returned to my photography since, and I feel a gaping hole in my life. So thank you for this - I hope to continue on and share more photography with all of you.

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