Saturday, March 29, 2008

A Night With the Firefly

painting (c) robin street-morris

A Night With the Firefly

The moon shines like a lamp
the air cool and still
out on the deep sea of lawn
confidential figures converse and chuckle
"Let's go," my friend whispers
and clasps my hand
We plunge in
When we arrive at those figures
they peer up at us, grinning
"Please," my teacher says,
"Join us,"
We settle onto the
dew-laden lawn
For an hour I listen
to words flow around me
and I capture this moment
here with my beloved teacher,
like cupped hands
sheltering a firefly
And I know that when we stand
and brush off our clothes
I have soaked in the light
imprinted this memory
deep in my heart
and shall drop my hands
and release the firefly
to continue its quest for the moon.
Goodnight unto you.

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