Tuesday, December 31, 2013

A Wild, Far-Out Idea

From my journal, November 1st, 2001 (I was 14)

I just got this way cool, WILD, FAR-OUT, FANTASTIC totally unbelievable idea.

It's a literary magazine that's Krishna Conscious and you get kids from all over the world to write in it... all talking of Krishna consciousness. It would be a sister publication of Back to Godhead, and they would help out with the publishing, reality-checks, lay-out, etc.

And then there would be ambassador "kids" from each country! Of course, the kids would have to be over 15 or 16, but there would be ambassadors from the major countries, and in America, even states! We would print it in several languages and there would be a summit meeting every year or so.


I just invented a career for myself.

Karmi (worldly) adults would see how philosophical even a teen can be, devotee kids would get interested in Krishna Consciousness again, and regular devotees would pay attention to what we're saying.

I would get to travel around the world to all the temples, meet new people, and preach!

Hmmm... I just had a very funny feeling about that previous sentence... like it wasn't "good". It wasn't a good feeling.

Anyway, I've got to start soon! With my life goal, you see.


P.S. I know why I felt funny: I was being selfish!

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Alexander Seibel said...

Hare Krishna, I would be very willing to help with this. I remember one of Dhanurdhara Maharaj's God Sisters mentioned something very similar maybe I could get her information and connect you two. Fantastic idea

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